[Benefits of eating whole grains]

[Benefits of eating whole grains]

Eating coarse grains usually is good for your health and health. Because coarse grains are alkaline foods, they can help neutralize the acidic environment of the human body, and help us relieve fatigue and strengthen the body’s immunity and resistance.

1: The basicity of miscellaneous grains can neutralize the acidic environment of the human body, alleviate fatigue and enhance physical fitness, thereby exerting a good cosmetic effect by removing garbage and retaining water.

2: There are many growing fibers in cereals, both soluble and crude fibers that cannot be absorbed by the body, so its laxative effect is very significant, which can effectively alleviate and prevent the high incidence of constipation in modern people and reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

3: The high content of trace elements in miscellaneous grains can provide us with abundant iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and the like, and these trace elements are very small in the refined white surface (often lost during processing).

Magnesium, in particular, is extremely abundant in sweet potatoes and has good anti-cancer and antihypertensive effects.

4: Multi-grain cereals are rich in nutrients, nutrients are comprehensive and balanced, and contain a high proportion of protein and amino acids. Their nutritional effects far exceed that of polished rice noodles. They are the best non-staple food for children and the elderly and can play a role of “nutritional complementation”.

5: Because the multi-grain is relatively large in size, low in conversion, long in the stomach and intestines, and produces a feeling of fullness, it is the best staple food for people with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and weight loss.

6: High content of vitamins in cereals, such as vitamin E, vitamin B, beta carotene, etc., can help the body clear oxygen free radicals, activate the body’s enzyme activity, improve the internal environment balance, and enhance positive anti-aging effects