[Does vitamin B make you fat?]

[Does vitamin B group gain weight?


For obese people, it not only does not affect the appearance, but also importantly affects human health. Therefore, many people try to lose weight by all means, but it may not be effective. Many people choose sports, diet, weight loss tea and other methods to lose weight.Improper weight loss will not only reduce fat, but also may be healthy, so we must choose a healthy way to lose weight, will vitamin B family get fat?

Let ‘s take a look.


Does vitamin B make you fat?

Only a large amount of auspicious food can directly cause weight gain, protein, and excessive residues will also be converted into auspicious weight and vitamins will not.


Diet control Diet should pay attention to mastering one of the main directions is to reduce the supply of body variables, so that the shift in supply and demand into a negative balance, in order to slowly throw off the body for adults.

If you want to form a transient negative balance in this way, you must learn to control the replacement of staple foods, not to diet and lose weight, but to gradually reduce the intake of staple foods. In particular, you must reject extremely sweet foods such as sweet potatoes, honey, and fruit juice.This kind of food, it is best to eat less white rice, white noodles and sugar.

Of course, in order to ensure the energy needs of the body, protein substitution must be appropriately increased.

Like fish, seafood, chicken, and rabbit, they are high in protein and can increase the cost of transformation.

Of course, in order to avoid the feeling of obesity during this process, try cooking with vegetable oil during weight loss. Unsaturated fatty acids can still reduce serum free radicals.

Properly eating food containing auntie can increase satiety.

But don’t indulge yourself too much.


Step on the air bike to raise your legs 90 degrees to your upper body, and then simulate riding a bicycle with your feet moving in the air.

It should be noted that after doing this, extend your legs upwards. In short, the less the body touches the bed and the ground, the better.

Keep doing this for five minutes, you will find that weight loss is not good.


The lunge presses the legs with lunges, hands on hips, legs trying to open and press down, feel the muscles on the back of the thighs to relax, repeat this action several times.


In fact, as long as you stick to some small movements in daily life, you can become the fastest and most effective way to lose weight. The key is that you can continue to exercise.

Of course, with scientific diet control, the weight loss effect will be more effective again.