[Does the fungus have a shelf life?

]_ Shelf Life_How long is the shelf life

[Does the fungus have a shelf life?
]_ Shelf Life_How long is the shelf life

Like mushrooms, fungus is the most commonly eaten fungal food in life, and it tastes particularly delicious when eaten, and has very rich nutrition.

Of course, some fungus are stored in the family, and the armor is saved to buy outside when eating.

However, any kind of food has a certain shelf life, so for food such as fungus, how long is the shelf life?

How long does the dried fungus shelf life: if it can be stored well.

Generally 1-2 years is no problem.

The shelf life of various types of food is generally two years, but as long as the black fungus is kept dry, it does not matter if it is longer.

Can the dried fungus be moldy and rotten? You should not eat moldy food.

The fungus should also be kept in the sun for a long time to keep it dry, otherwise it will absorb the moisture in the air, and it will mold and degenerate over time.

How long should the dry fungus be soaked: Soak in cold water (warm water can be used in winter).

After 3?
After 4 hours of immersion, the water slowly penetrated into the fungus, and the fungus returned to a translucent shape, which was good.

In this way, the fungus is not only increased in quantity, but also of good quality.

According to experts, cold water can be used to make black fungus bubbles to their original volume.



5 times; if you use warm water, you can only foam up to 2.


5 times.

This method should also be used for the blistering of Tremella.

We can also soak the fungus that is ready to be cooked in the cold boiled rice soup, so that the fungus that is soaked up is more plump, soft, and delicious.

If the fungus is dirty, you can use a little vinegar before foaming, add a small amount of salt, knead and wash before you foam.

Finally, the blistering rate of fungus is also related to the quality of the fungus itself.

The natural fungus of Xiaoxinganling in Northeast China is the best.

The effervescent rate is more than 1:15, and it meets the national standard of agaric fungus, but it is difficult to buy.

At least, good fungus should be: light weight, complete ear pieces, moderate size, dark brown ears, shiny, dark gray back.

Matte is inferior.

Nose, no taste.

The sound of gripping is crisp, sticking hands, flexible, and not broken; it is good to be silent, not sticking hands or breaking hands easily.