[Woman has 6 personality doubts]

[Woman has 6 personality doubts]

In the eyes of most people, sex is a lot of things that are difficult to tell, sometimes I do n’t dare to ask.

Recently, articles on the public health website listed 6 questions about women’s sexual health, and asked experts to answer them.


As the age increases and the sex increases, will the vagina become more relaxed? Answer: The vagina is flexible and does not become discrete with age or sexual partners.

After sex, the vaginal muscle tissue naturally contracts and the vagina becomes tight.

No matter how many times you have sex, a woman’s vagina relaxes during sex, and contraction after sex is a normal process of constant circulation.

In fact, with age, the vagina becomes narrower and drier.

Experts say that contracting the pelvic floor muscles can help improve vaginal health.