[Drinking Guizhi Decoction is good or not]_Action_Concentration

[Drinking Guizhi Decoction is good or not]_Action_Concentration

Guizhi Decoction has good nutritional and health effects, has a certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, and also has a good effect in antiviral treatment. It has a good effect on preventing urinary system inflammation, a beneficial effect on water and diuresis, and promotes drainage.Sweat, sedation and anti-inflammatory can play a certain effect. It is a very good treatment for health and health care. It is also very cute in improving the body’s immunity and exerts a certain effect.

1. Antibacterial cinnamon sticks have antibacterial effect. It has been shown in practice that the extracts from cinnamon sticks are also useful for bacillus aureus, subtilis, antibiotics, pneumococcus, aerobacterium, proteus, anthracnose, salmonella enteritidis, vibrio cholerae, etcDifferent degrees of inhibition.

2. Antiviral cinnamon sticks have an antiviral effect. Researchers used skin cell tissues to culture and found that the cinnamon sticks have inhibitory effects on influenza A-type Jingke 68-1 strain and orphan virus.

3, diuretic Guizhi decoction for intravenous injection to domestic dogs, and found that it can increase urine output.

In addition to being able to inject and calibrate with Wulingsan alone, the effect is better.

4. Blood pressure reduction is rich in cinnamon oil. This substance has a strong metabolic capacity. In addition to speeding up blood flow, it can also relax and expand blood vessels. It has the effect of lowering blood pressure.Consumption of cinnamon sticks to help lower blood pressure.

5, to promote sweating Some people are not easy to sweat, in fact, this is a disease.

Closing the juice can easily lead to a cold. When the body is running quickly, the temperature can easily block the pores, causing the juice to pass through and causing a cold.

Cinnamaldehyde contained in cinnamon sticks can promote blood flow to the epidermis, can speed up perspiration, and has a good therapeutic effect on colds caused by closed sweat.

6. Sedative cinnamaldehyde is the main component of cinnamon. When mice were injected with cinnamaldehyde, it was found to reduce the activity of mice. This experiment showed that cinnamon sticks had a sedative effect.

7, anti-inflammatory human body has a large amount of immune protein, when the body invades harmful substances this component will be consumed in large quantities.

Cinnamon sticks are rich in tangerine twigs. This substance can suppress immune proteins, reduce complement activity, and has antioxidant effects.